International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs 2000

COMING SOON: the 2002 competition pictures, articles, etc... here is the 2000 info:

I turned in an audition tape and got into my first piano competition. It was time to take some piano lessons after not having any since I was a kid. Even though I did not progress to the next level of the competition, I enjoyed every minute of it, and my piano playing is better than it ever has been. I'll probably enter the next one (if I can get in) because there is nothing like a deadline and a competition to improve one's playing. It was also great to meet so many people from all walks of life who also play the piano so well. And, we all felt treated like stars during this fine event. Thanks to all who organized, hosted, and worked on this inspiring competition. You have started something greater than any of us can yet fully appreciate.

I have collected links to various items about the event (please send me more if you have any) and I have made many pictures available. Enjoy!

Digital photos from the event held June 4 through 10th, 2000.

Information about the June 2002, Third International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs

The 2001 professional competition (May-June 2001):

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